The Mod Library

Captured by @joshuawromero

Captured by @joshuawromero

The concept…

With the vast industry take-over of social and digital marketing, the one thing that continues to remain timeless is nothing short of a good old fashioned paperback.

As much as we love to flip through endless printed advertisements of billion dollar beauty companies selling us the next “miracle youth” under-eye care cream and tips on how to knock off that holiday weight, the one thing they fail to provide is a sense of self-worth. Although there are some great articles to feed off of, magazines are mostly filled with superficial influence.

I began collecting books at the age of 17. I enjoyed finding hidden gems at estate sales, used book stores and thrift shops. My absolute favorite discovery was a College Algebra Book which had handwritten notes dating back to the 50’s. My fascination with collecting, continued through my 20’s, finally shifting into the Art and Culture world.

I desired to bring my collection into the salon and share that knowledge with our guests. Our library is filled with biographies, fashion households, beauty mogul beginnings, art, and photography. Including one of my personal favorites, A collection of Helmut Newton Polaroids.

During your next visit, snag Bobbi Brown’s “Pretty Powerful” and read why her brand has climbed to the top, with the some of the most influential beauty brands in the world. (P.S. behind the front cover you will find her autograph, which happened by accident when I met her face to face in 2010.

Enjoy some knowledge on the house.