The Mod Library

After the overnight take-over of social and digital marketing, one method of storytelling that continues to remain timeless - books.

As much as society enjoys to flip through a vast number of printed ads from multimillion-dollar beauty companies selling consumers the next “miracle” beauty product, most fail to provide one thing - words of encouragement.

Our founder, Jake, began collecting books at the age of 17 and continues to add to her collection of hidden gems from estate sales to antique book stores. Her absolute favorite find is a 1960’s college algebra book that contained hand-written notes from the 1950s!

During her 20s, Jake’s interest shifted to titles that focus on art and culture to fuel confidence and inspiration in her work and daily life. She slowly began to bring that knowledge into the salon to share it with her team and customers.

After many book collecting trips around town and the world, she created a special nook at the salon called The Mod Library.

The Mod Library’s growing collection includes stories of fashion icons and beauty moguls as well as visual storytelling via art and photography books (one of Jake’s personal favorites is Helmut Newton: Polaroids).

During your next visit, don’t hesitate to snag inspiration from the shelf like Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful to read why her brand has climbed to the top and stood out among some of the most influential beauty brands in the world.

P.S. You’ll find Bobbi Brown’s autograph behind the front cover which happened back in 2010 when Jake met her face-to-face.

We can’t wait for you to wind down with a good book while you let us pamper you, see you soon!